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states have passed restrictive voter id laws and several others have tried. in texas, who is voter id law was challenged by the justice department in court today, texas classifies its law as an emergency legislation so that they can rush it through before the election. in texas, a gun permit is a valid voter id. but a university-issued identification is not. hum, wonder who that benefits. the republican argument is that well, everybody has a driver's license or you should have to showed an id to cash a check. why wouldn't you require one to vote? now, that wouldn't be so bad if the list of valid ids weren't so limited in so many of these states. as an example, many investigatorserly people or those who live in cities, people of all economic classes don't have driver's licenses. birth certificates. well 48% of women, those who change their name for marriage don't have a birth certificate with their current lem name in most states, you have to call for a copy of your birth certificate voting rights act declared paying to vote is unconstitutional. some sta
that republican governors ought to be looking at that poll and moving on, too. some southern governors like texas' rick perry wants to vote no on obama-care in his own way. but those governors their version is to secede from healthcare, and they're just dancing for the tea party. i know that. here's my prediction. all those governors, they will all opt in eventually. why? opting out is going to end their political careers. let's use rick perry as an example since he's threaten to go mess with texas. under obama-care most of texas' 6 million uninsured are going to get access to healthcare and federal aid. but that rational argument does not appeal to tea partyers like perry, turning down federal money is a badge of honor for them. but texans are still going to pay for healthcare reform. turning down the medicaid expansion means rejecting $76.3 billion in texas alone for five years. so texans are still going to pay billions in federal medicare taxes, but those texans are not going to get any of the benefits. does rick perry really want to campaign on that? does he want to tell texans, yeah you're g
. it makes sense. but then, you have a guy like republican texas governor rick perry come along and say something like this: >> texas wasn't going to be a part of it expanding socializing of our medicine. so we are not going to participate in exchanges. we are not going to expand medicaid. we are just for the going to be a part of, again socializing health care in the state of texas. >> so in addition to losing out on billions in money to cover their uninsured, texas is going to lose $17,000,000,000 in special federal funds that would support hospitals who care for the uninsured. and their hospitals are going to get slammed. nearly 1 in 4 texans are uninsured, the most in the nation. now, 6 republican governors have decided not to take the health care money, not to opt in including texas and florida, two of the biggest states in the nation. in total, nearly 4 million people from those 6 states will lose health care coverage by their failure to opt in. joying me to discuss the predictament for hospitals in particular is bruce siegel, the ceo of the nati
and texas, the obama campaign president obama is not likely to be very engaged in getting out votes. he is going to win california. it's going to win new york. it's going to win illinois. but we have to run up the ask the court in those states. >> that's why we recuted just the best candidates that you can imagine. there is an unquenchable thirst the american people have among ideology and ideas. not for problems but solution. we recruited people who have proven records of solutions, of delivering for their communities. >> well, and one of the races actually that you are focusing on is omney beara fighting an independent who beat him last time. he was on the show a few weeks ago. take a license. >> your district, though is getting flooded, i understand with super p.a.c. money and this was true last time. how hard is it to get your message out when such big guns are aimed at you? >> you know what? karl rove came in at the end of the last campaign and won the election for dan lundgren. we think that's going to happen again. >> what can you do congressman,
tonight in "the war room." >> jennifer: the crowd at president obama's rally in san antonio, texas today had a message for his opponent yelling "show us your taxes"! and as we've reported, it is not just democrats. there is a growing chorus of republicans clamoring for mitt romney to release his tax returns already! and romney's response? he's just not into it. in fact, 16 high-level republicans have recently called on him to show us his papers! today, ron paul and texas governor rick perry and -- where is ron paul, there he is hiding there. joined the party. take a listen. >> no matter who you are or what office you're running for you should be as transparent as you can be with your tax returns and other aspects of your life so that people have the appropriate ability to judge your background. >> jennifer: and yet mitt will not budge. he actually told the national review today "i'm simply not enthusiastic about giving them hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through distort and lie about." but the conservativ
of texas republican, representative walter jones of north carolina. former mississippi governor haley barbour. listen mitt, to the members of your own party and shows us the money! so here to discuss his taxes -- not your taxes but mitt romney's taxes is former arizona republican congressman j.d. hayworth. j.d., glad to have you inside the "the war room." >> here we are! let's do battle. >> come on! no, i don't want to show you up. >> whoa! whoa! >> those are fightin' words. i know. democrats, though, are suggesting mitt romney should release his tax returns because the implication is that he's hiding something. do you think he's hiding something? >> not democrats. we saw a trio of my republican colleagues. sure i've got my son john micha here tonight. i'd like to think like father, like son. george romney released the records in '68. you know the obama media culture would say, there is something wrong with mitt, he actually made money that's inherently evil. but i see this as a prelude to the large campaign. and i'm glad you're seated, i actually agree with something president obama
aren't waiting until then, and rick santorum tweeted that the chick-fil-a south lake texas was hoping when he stoppedded in fuel up before the tea party candidate ted cruz's rally. and it's not just chicken sandwiches, but others are getting involved. amazon gave $2.5 million in efforts of marriage equality efforts in washington state and other companies such as microsoft pooling general mills, starbucks they're all supporting lgbt causes. joining me now from new york is michaelmichelangelo signorile. thank you for being on "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> is from your perspective i know this has been an issue on your show, as well, what is the gay marriage plank mean? >> well, the democratic party plank, the platform, is that wish list of what the party really would like to see sort of almost as a perfect america in its eyes. as we mow many things in the platform never come to pass. so i think it's simply the party saying we support the idea of gay marriage. we support the activists and the party are fighting for it, we property our president first and foremost, who doe
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)